Investors Hate Losing Money 

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Protect your clients from large investment losses

Why top advisors manage risk

Happy clients are loyal clients

Loyal clients refer new clients

Total risk INLUDES market risk

Why? Because asset allocation cannot diversify market risk and limit downside losses. See the 2000-2002, 2007-2009, and 2020-2022 markets.

ANIE can help you protect your money

The ONLY way to protect your investments on the downside is to minimize market exposure during unfavorable market environments. That’s why we use a proprietary Asset Navigation Investment Engine — aka ANIE — based on the Economic Law of Supply and Demand to daily determine whether to be “in” or “out” of the market.

Risk Off

When supply meaningfully outnumbers demand, ANIE hits the “brakes” and recommends a 50% to 100% allocation in cash as prices are likely headed lower

Risk On

When demand meaningfully outnumbers supply, ANIE hits the “gas” and recommends a 50% to 100% allocation in equities as prices are likely headed higher


"ANIE is like a sister to me."
A.I. ChatGPT

ANIE can help you grow your money

We use our same investment engine to force-rank the 11 sectors of the S&P 500 based on supply and demand. Why?

Get downside protection

While catastrophic markets aren’t the norm, they can strike like a thief in the night. Don’t get caught unguarded. Subscribe to Investment ANIE and protect all of your investment accounts — including your 401k’s — from potentially devasting losses.* We’ve priced our subscription so you can’t afford not to.


$ 99 per year
  • Daily Risk Off & Off signals
  • Only 27 cents per day
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Protect & Grow

$ 249 per year
  • Daily Risk Off & Off signals
  • Daily S&P 500 sector rankings
  • 30-day money back guarantee

* Investment ANIE is not insurance. All investing involves risk, including loss of principle.