Large investment losses can be catastrophic


Ensure your financial future for pennies on the dollar*

Why downside protection is so vital

Losing Less = More Money

The less money you lose on the downside, the more money you have to compound on the upside

Losing Less = Higher Returns

While both portfolios had the same returns in Years 2 and 3, Portfolio B grew 29% faster because it lost less in Year 1.

Why asset allocation is NOT downside protection

Market risk is non-diversifiable

Asset allocation cannot diversify market risk. Why? Because if equities represent one or more asset classes, your portfolio is exposed to market risk. If your financial advisors are telling you otherwise, ask them to explain why asset allocation failed so miserably during the 2000-2002, 2007-2009, and 2020-2022 time frames.

How Investment ANIE helps minimize downside risk

The ONLY way to protect your investments on the downside is to minimize market exposure during unfavorable market environments. That’s why we use a proprietary Asset Navigation Investment Engine — aka ANIE — based on the Economic Law of Supply and Demand to daily determine whether to be “in” or “out” of the market.

Risk On

When demand meaningfully outnumbers supply, ANIE hits the “gas” and recommends an allocation of 100% equities as prices are likely headed higher

Risk Off

When supply meaningfully outnumbers demand, ANIE hits the “brakes” and recommends an allocation of 100% cash as prices are likely headed lower


"ANIE is like a sister to me."
A.I. ChatGPT

Risk management advice

When it comes to protecting your investments from large losses, financial advisors are NOT your best option. Why? Because it’s never in their best interest to go against their firm’s recommended asset allocations. 

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying don’t work with financial advisors. Rather, think of Investment ANIE as an inexpensive second opinion for protecting your most valuable retirement assets — especially your 401k accounts —when your financial advisors are recommending “stay the course” during potentially catastrophic markets.

Monthly Subscription

$ 19 per month
  • Risk On & Risk Off signals
  • Protect all your accounts
  • Just 63 cents per day
  • Price lock guarantee
  • No need to transfer accounts
  • Cancel without penalty

Yearly Subscription

$ 149 per year
  • Risk On & Off Signals
  • Protect all your accounts
  • Less than $13 per month
  • Price lock guarantee
  • No need to transfer accounts
  • 30-day money back guarantee

* Investment ANIE is not insurance. All investing involves risk, including loss of principle.